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Our hoods come in a choice of two types of material:

Vinyl twilweave: This is the material used by Nissan originally. It is a mixture of vinyl and cloth, which is more hardwearing than vinyl alone but with age it becomes brittle and starts to crack and split.

Haartz mohair: This is the material Nissan should have used. It is more hardwearing and is now used by all the major manufacturers. 

The 350Z hood comes complete with a glass heated rear window.
Our hoods are manufactured to the highest of standards, with the seams both welded AND stitched for extra strength.

They come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty and our own 12 month warranty to give complete peace of mind. (details on request.)


As part of the service we also:

Clean, lubricate and polish frame.

Replace elasticated straps.


We believe you cannot get better or cheaper anywhere!

               Fitted At            Mobile

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BLACK VINYL TWILWEAVE....£950.00    £1030.00

BLACK MOHAIR......................£1000.00    £1080.00

COLOURED MOHAIR..............£1040.00    £1120.00

(Blue, Burgundy)


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Available in white vinyl only.

The panel is stitched down both sides to reduce the shrinkage problem common to these cars.

As part of the service, we also clean and lubricate the frame and clear the drainage channels.

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     Fitted at                 Mobile  

 our workshop           Fitting*  


VINYL ROOF......£335.00...........£415.00